3D Laser Scanning and Modeling

Our 3D laser scanning and modeling services provide the solution your business needs. Using Leica survey grade GPS and Laser Scanners that gather millions of points of data per second we can offer a range of solutions for most industrial applications.  Applications of this technology range from telecom ‘as built’ verifications (azimuth, tilt, plumb, etc.), industrial design, manufacturing, and fabrication to infrastructure, engineering and construction.  All of this is done from the ground which saves time and provides an extra level of safety to crews and equipment.


  • Ultra-high speed scans yielding ultra-high resolution data for precision measuring, modeling and inspecting of complex structures
  • Noninvasive, ground based scan locations
  • Completely contact free and non-service impacting
  • Precision measurements of azimuth, mechanical tilt, plumb, AGL, clearances, heights, dimensions, etc…
  • DAS planning (indoor and outdoor)
  • Small Cell Solutions (SCS) planning (indoor and outdoor)
  • Sub millimeter point cloud data integrates with AutoCAD for even more uses