Executive Summary

Established in 2010, RKC Site Solutions provides turnkey infrastructure services for the wireless telecommunications industry. With an experienced staff, we partner closely with our customers to implement start to finish solutions that meet all project requirements. “Our customers’ success is our main priority.”

RKC owner and Chief Operating Officer, Ken Cox, offers 25+ years of telecommunications experience by building relationships within the State of Florida to help design and deliver quality solutions, on time and on budget.

What sets RKC apart –

As a solutions-based company, we offer the ability to focus on all aspects of turnkey 1,000 site projects to the most detailed individual build. Using the tools within our company, we provide a wide range of services that normally would require the involvement of multiple companies. This ‘one point of contact’ concept sets RKC apart from other companies and provides added value to the customer.

Assessing and resolving challenging build opportunities has been our company focus. RKC’s goal is to provide resolutions for all customer challenges. Here are some of what sets us apart and enhances our customer experience.

The RKC Toolbox: These tools allow us to work more efficiently internally without having to use outside resources, ultimately saving everyone time and money.

  • General Contractor and Electrical Licenses allow RKC to expedite the permitting process by allowing the customer to file for Building Permits (BP) and Electrical Permits (EP) prior to assigning a build contractor. It also allows RKC to work smaller builds quickly without having to bring in larger contractors thus saving time and money.
  • UAV [unmanned aerial vehicles/’drones’] has proven to expedite services from a tower top punch item photo, complete full tower mappings, Microwave line of site audits, to bird reports, and more. RKC has been an innovator of the UAV movement and is qualified to perform UAV work. Not only are our UAV’s helpful for our customers, they are a huge part of our efficiencies within construction, including pre audits, to line out crews and more.
  • SAQ [site acquisition services] With in-house, experienced SAQ personnel, RKC can perform all real estate needs within the telecom industry.
  • Local Relationships are well established based on integrity with contractors, government officials and local jurisdictions. All our employees are hired within the market in which the project is located to utilize existing and future relationships. We believe that building relationships over time with local people is the best way to get it done!
  • Permitting: With in-house experienced permitting personnel, RKC can manage the permit process from start to finish [filing, resolving jurisdictional comments, permit pickup and delivery, to change of contractor]. Working directly with SAQ, Construction, and others in-house allows us to be very efficient.
  • Large Projects, RKC is built to perform on a large scale with less manpower. We have proven our use of “outside the box” thinking to achieve excellent results with quality.
  • Power and Telco Coordination/Construction, RKC Site Solutions has the experience of working with site acquisition, directional bore, trenching companies, fiber providers and the client’s switch or Network Operations Center (NOC), to complete the communication loop. We have the experience and relationships with local providers to get the best professional response. We also offer to coordinate FTTT (Fiber To The Tower) projects as well as FTTx (Fiber To The home, building, site, etc.). RKC has the experience to handle your power needs.
  • Architecture & Engineering, At RKC Site Solutions, we understand that the telecommunications industry is evolving rapidly, and infrastructure development and expansion are critical. We offer specialized A&E services tailored to the unique needs of the sector, with a team of dedicated professionals that have the experience, knowledge, and skills to ensure that our A&E services meet your goals. Our A&E services are designed to facilitate the planning, design, and implementation of telecom infrastructure projects, ensuring efficiency and compliance with industry standards and regulations. Key services include construction drawings and permitting for: Small Cell with road right of way or private property, Macro Cell – new site build, colocation, and technology upgrades; OSP fiber design – aerial and underground; and generator installations.

 As demand for connectivity grows, using the mindset of ownership and the results of a driven team, we can achieve the needs of growth.