Project / Program Management

RKC is a fully diversified project management company in the telecom space. With over 100 years of combined experience in nearly 36 states and 6 countries, RKC has been there and done that. RKC uses the newest technology along with our vast knowledge of the industry’s history and current movement to keep up with the times and supply solutions to known problems and troubleshoot new ones. Our goal is to take our customers to the next level by saving them money and time while helping produce the best possible deliverables. From data collection all the way to final closeouts RKC will work with you and your teams hand in hand.

Our project managers provide detailed scheduled goals to all involved parties, including the client, warehouse, general contractors, and construction managers. This communication system provides a clear understanding of participants’ expectations, goals and milestones throughout the entire project.

Every report and communication to our clients is customized to their processes and requirements to assure quick response right down to the closeout package.