sUAS (Drone) Services

With 50 years combined photography, videography, post-production and UAV experience, if you need an aerial perspective on your next project or require one of the many benefits of collecting data aerially, look no further.  RKC currently is running approved environmental reports for biologists and collecting telecom tower data across 13 states.  We have collected data on more than 1000 sites for our customers.

  • We are both FAA part 107 and FAA 333 Exemption compliant
  • All pilots are FAA licensed with an sUAS rating
  • We are covered by professional liability and aircraft insurance
  • All our airframes are FAA registered

Our RKC Site sUAS services include:

  • Environmental land surveys with geo-referencing
  • Environmental bird studies; approved and accepted in several states by their wildlife divisions. (24-48hr turnaround time from PO working with our partnered nationwide environmental company.)
  • Using our UAV’s we can fly buildings, properties, towers, etc. to create a 3D model of any subject that can be turned into a point cloud data base and transferred to other programs such as AutoCAD. Excellent for large construction projects to watch progress!
  • Third party inspections
  • Pre- and Post-construction data gathering
  • Storm/Disaster data collection
  • Infrared and Thermal imaging

Upon request we can deliver examples of all that we offer. There is not a project or job too big or small for RKC. With our vast knowledge of the industry and wide reach with resources across the nation we can do it faster, cheaper and more efficient than anyone else.

RKC Media Solutions

Our Media Solutions arm can elevate your visions to the next level.  Our pilots are photographers and videographers.  if you have a vision that needs a unique aerial perspective and require stunning visuals and world class production, take a look at RKC Media Solutions and see what we can deliver on the artistic side of the aerial video and photography spectrum.